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Fix QuickBooks Error PS036 Updated Solutions

QuickBooks error PS036 is a very common problem encountered by QB Payroll users. This error halts your payroll update to the most recent tax table. Even the application stops calculating the taxes and displays the error message “PS036 There is a problem verifying your payroll subscription.

This error has several causes, which will be discussed later in this blog. So, without further ado, scroll down this complete guide for the best, simple troubleshooting instructions.

error message "PS036

What is QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036?

Generally, the QuickBooks payroll error PS036 arises when the software is unable to verify the user’s payroll subscription and disallows the user to update tax tables. Additionally, having multiple payroll subscriptions active simultaneously can lead to this issue. This leads to frustration between the users. Therefore, it is essential to understand the reason behind the error and how it can be removed.

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What are the Reasons Behind QuickBooks Error PS036?

Knowing the key reason for the QuickBooks PS036 error will always be helpful in choosing the most appropriate method to solve the error. Here, we listed some of the reasons which help you to identify yours. Take a look:

  • The most common reason for this error is an invalid or damaged file in the CPS folder or an expired payroll subscription.
  • The QuickBooks utility document paysub.ini might be corrupted or broken.
  • When the multiple payroll agreements are energetic with an inactive direct deposit settlement.
  • Another reason is when your Windows operating software version does not support the version of QB desktop.
  • The service key isn’t right, or the product is not updated.
  • When the company file PSID is no longer right.
  • When the status of the payroll subscription in the QB Desktop Services Keys Screen appears as invalid EIN Number or the EIN additionally an explanation.
  • The product is not updated, or the service key is not right.

Troubleshooting Methods to Resolve PS036 QuickBooks Error

Through this guide, our main aim is to provide you with the best informative solution so that you can easily resolve the PS036 QuickBooks error. So, without wasting a lot of time, let’s get started with the process of erasing this issue.

Solution 1:- Use Clean Install Selective Startup Mode

When you install the QuickBooks Desktop, using the clean install selective startup mode will help you to solve this issue. Read the steps thoroughly to finish the process without getting stuck in any glitches.

  • Firstly, make a backup of your company file on an external storage device. Keep the information on the license registration if you need to re-register the software.
  • Then, open the Run Windows by pressing the Windows + R key.
  • Now, type the MSConfig and hit the Enter button.
MSConfig and hit the Enter
  • Moving ahead with the procedure, click on the General tab.
  • In the general tab, select the Load System Services and Selective Startup option.
Selective Startup option
  • Open the service tab and select the option Hide All Microsoft Services.
Hide All Microsoft Services.
  • After that, select the Disable All option and remove the tick mark from the option Hide all Microsoft Services.
  • Ensure the Windows installer option is selected, followed by click on the OK option.
  • Lastly, to activate the selective startup mode, restart the windows. Then, the next step is uninstalling the QB application.
Uninstalling the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Press the Windows + R key and type the appwiz. Cpl.
appwiz. Cpl
  • Then press the Enter key; here, you will get the list of currently installed programs.
  • Search and select the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Proceed further by clicking on the Uninstall / Change option.
Uninstall / Change option
  • Cross-check that you must be logged in as an administrator to proceed with the installation process.
  • After checking, click on the Remove option followed by this click on the Next.
  • Wait until the QuickBooks is completely removed.
  • Next, hit Restart Windows and reinstall the QuickBooks desktop by following the steps below.
Reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop
  • Download the QB setup file.
  • Now, run the QuickBooks.exe file to begin the installation process.
  • Your screen displays the instructions to fish the installation process, so follow it.
  • Next, enter the information for license registration. This is how you can reinstall the QB application on your desktop. After reinstalling, switch your windows to the normal startup mode by implementing the following steps.
Switch the Windows to Normal Startup Mode
  • First, press the Windows + R key and type MSConfig.
  • Now, hit the Enter button and go to the General tab.
  • In the general tab, select the Normal Startup Mode.
  • After that, click on OK and then Restart the Windows.
  • At last, try to run the payroll update once again and check if the QuickBooks payroll error PS036 is erased or not.

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Solution 2:- Eliminate the Entitlement Client File

Erasing the entitlement client file will help remove the PS036 error in the QuickBooks desktop. Follow the listed below steps thoroughly:

Entitlement Client File
  • First, go to the Start tab and open the Run Window.
  • Then, click on the Program Date and go to the Intuit section.
  • Under the Intuit section, hit the EntitlementClient.
  • Now, click on the V8 path or V6.
  • Right-click on the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and hit the Delete option.
  • Select the Yes option to agree to this change.
  • At last, re-launch the QuickBooks and complete the on-screen instructions to finish the registration.

Solution 3:- Rename the Paysub.ini File

The paysub.ini files stores all the payroll subscription-related information. If this file is corrupted or damaged, then it may lead to the PS036 error on the QuickBooks desktop. When you rename the file, the QB creates a new one, which will help to resolve this issue.

  • Paysub.ini is a hidden file on Windows. To view this file, you first need to change the settings of the Windows folder options.
  • For this, hit the Open My Computer and click on the Organize.
  • Select the Folder and Search option and hit the View tab.
  • Now, hit the Hidden Files and Folder and checkmark the “Show Hidden Files Folder and Drives” option.
Show Hidden Files Folder and Drives” option
  • Choose the Apply option and hit OK.
  • Moving ahead, go back to the My Computer and search for Paysub.ini.
  • Right-click on the Paysub.ini file and select the Rename option.
  • Then, rename the file extension from .ini to .old.
  • Lastly, follow the process for all the Paysub files found.

Solution 4:- Run the Quick Fix My Program

The QuickBooks tool Hub showcases different features which help in rectifying several messages. This includes the fact that we can’t verify the subscription status issue. One such program is the QuickBooks Fix My Program.

You can easily operate the QuickBooks software when you download and install the Tool Hub correctly. In the program problem, click on the Tool Hub to run this feature. It will automatically identify the issue and resolve it.

Solution 5:- Check your QuickBooks Payroll Subscription

Listed below are the steps which help you to check your QB Payroll subscription will help you to analyze any error:

  • First, download and install the latest version of the QB and the Tax Table release.
  • Now open the QuickBooks and Sign in to your Payroll Service Account.
  • Hit the Employee option and then click on My Payroll Services.
  • Select the Account or Billing Information and enter your login credentials.
Account or Billing Information
  • Click on Sign In.
  • Scroll down to the Payroll Details section and verify that EIN displays correct computer name.
  • Moving ahead, hit the Edit option and make any required changes you want.
  • Click on the Update option and then select the Close option to save the changes you made.
  • At last, restart your computer and download the updates again.

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Finally, you can successfully remove QuickBooks error PS036 after implementing the aforementioned solution. In case, if the error still persists, then we advise you to avail professional help by dialing the QuickBooks Support Team Number, where QB experts are working hard to provide you with the most detailed information about the application so that your accounting journey with QB runs smoothly.

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