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QuickBooks Error 6190 816 – Causes and Effective Solutions

QuickBooks error 6190 816 is a 6000 series error associated with the transaction and company file. QB, a popular accounting program, has a lot of bugs, and this is one of them. In this guide, we will discuss one of the common company file-related error codes, i.e. 6190 816, which occurs especially when multiple users attempt to open the company file in single-user mode. This error results in losing all important data stored in their QBM file.

Here, we will provide you with a thorough understanding of QuickBooks error 6190 816, including the cause and simple-to-implement solutions. So, let’s scroll down and figure out what this error means.

QuickBooks error 6190 816

Overview of QuickBooks Error Codes 6190 and 816

Before jumping into the solving method, it is important to understand the meaning of QuickBooks error codes 6190 and 816. It will assist you in expanding your knowledge as well as selecting the best solution that will work best for you.

The clear meaning of this error is “the company file is not open when multiple users try to log in into the company file in a single-user mode”.

The Error Message: QuickBooks is unable to open the company file. Another user may have opened it. You should ask that user to switch to multi-user mode so you can both use the company file simultaneously. This file could also be located in a read-only network folder. ‘Multi-User Not Working Error Code 6190, 816’.

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Understand the Cause of QuickBooks Error 6190 816

Listed below, we have mentioned some of the most common triggers causing QuickBooks not to be able to open a company file error. Let’s have a look:

  • When you try to access the company file from the external storage device, your system does not connect to it properly.
  • The company file is corrupted or may be damaged and can also raise the QuickBooks error code 6190.
  • The general error in QuickBooks program files also leads to this error.
  • Corruption in the QuickBooks desktop program files .ND and .TLG.
  • Another user tries to access the company file in a single-user mode.
  • Get stuck in the process of updating the company file on another computer without updating the transaction log file.
  • The last possible reason for the QuickBooks error 6190, 816 is saving your company file on the server, and the system is facing a glitch in connecting it.

Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6190 816

Identifying the symptoms earlier helps you to select the most appropriate solution method. So, here are the few symptoms which indicate upon the arrival of the error code:

  • The system suddenly froze or got stuck in between the processing.
  • The error code appears on the screen, and your windows start crashing.
  • Slow responding windows and dull performance of keyboard and mouse inputs.
  • The transaction log file and company file don’t match each other, or the company file becomes corrupted.

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The Effective Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6190, 816

Fixing the error timely will help you to protect your software from other damage. And able to keep your account process smooth without any glitches. Below, we will explore the ultimate guide of the quick troubleshooting methods. So, read thoroughly and follow the same:

Method 1:- Update the QB Application and the Backup Files

This troubleshooting method is for those users who face QuickBooks error 6190, because they updated the company file by using a different computer but forgot to change the transaction log file. In this situation, you have to update your software for the backup files by following the mentioned below steps:

  • First, update the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Go to the menu bar and click on the Help menu.
  • Now, select the option Update the QuickBooks Desktop.
Update the QuickBooks Desktop
  • When the updating process is complete, navigate to the Options tab.
  • Select the Mark All option and then click on the Save tab.
  • Furthermore, click on the Update Now option and mark the Reset Update box.
Reset Update box
  • Click on the Get Updates options, and when the message update appears on the screen, close the QuickBooks.
Get Updates options
  • Moving ahead, reopen the QuickBooks and install updates if there are any.
  • At last, restart the system.

Method 2:- Run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Make sure the QuickBooks application is updated by following the above steps before performing these troubleshooting steps.

  • Firstly, from the official website of Intuit, download and install the QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • Now, log in as an administrator and run the tool.
QuickBooks File Doctor
  • In your system, you have two options:-
  • Both the File Damage and Connectivity.
  • Network Connectivity Only.
  • Select the first option, and it will automatically identify the damaged file and allow you to resolve the QuickBooks error 6190 816.
damaged file and allow you to resolve the QuickBooks error 6190 816
  • Then, enter the correct Admin Password.
 correct Admin Password
  • Now, it will ask you if the company file is stored on the workstation or the server.
  • If it is on the server, then hit the Yes otherwise, click on the No option.
  • And then select Proceed.

Method 3:- Run the QuickBooks Refresher Tool

If the above two methods fail to resolve the QuickBooks error codes 6190 and 816, then don’t panic. Use the QuickBooks refresher tool method. Before applying this method, make sure you close the QB desktop on all the systems.

  • Go to the Intuit official website and download the QB refresher tool.
QuickBooks Refresher Tool
  • Now, search the qbrefresherv1.exe file and open it.
  • In the refresher tool, click on the Fix My QuickBooks option.
  • Wait until the diagnosing process is complete.
  • Lastly, open the QuickBooks desktop again and check if you are able to open the company file or not.

Method 4:- Resolve the Mismatch

Most of the time, the QuickBooks error 6190, 816 arises when there is a mismatch between the company file and transaction log file. In such situations, it becomes important to solve the mismatch by performing the listed below steps:

  • Go to the location of your company folder and search the Transaction folder.
  • Note that the company folder and transaction folder both might have the same name; however, their extensions might be different. So, you have to identify the two files by their extensions.
  • Moving ahead, right-click on the Company File and select the Rename option (avoid changing the extension’s name).
  • Also, change the Transaction File Name.
  • Finally, close the application, open it again and check if the error still persists.

Method 5:- Perform a Single User-Mode Check

If you are using a single mode and stuck in between the QuickBooks error code 6190 and 816, then the below-mentioned steps are helpful to resolve this issue. Let’s take a look:

Single User-Mode Check
  • First, check All the users are logged out of the QB software.
  • Then, reboot the systems.
  • Now, copy the data file to the desktop or another location apart from its original source.
  • Here, you must Copy the Data File Back to its original location.
  • Lastly, signing in to QuickBooks.

Method 6:- Rename the QuickBooks.ND and . TLG Files

If you QB.ND and . TLG files are damaged, so follow the listed below steps to rename the configuration files. Which automatically resolves the QuickBooks error 6190, 816.

  • Navigate to the Windows File Manager and open the QuickBooks Installation Directory.
  • Now the QB desktop is installed in command: Users/ Public / Public Documents / Intuit / QuickBooks |.
  • Move the file with the same name as your company file but with the.ND and . TLG extension.
  • Thereon, right-click on each file and select the Rename option.
  • Make sure you add.OLDFILE at the end of your file name.
  • Lastly, open the QB and try to open the company file to check the error status.

Method 7:- Restart all the Computer in the Network and Server

The reason behind the error is different according to the system. Sometimes, the multiplex methods do not work, but the simple restart will create magic. If all the above solutions fail to resolve the issue, then follow the instructions listed below to restart both the server and the workstation system, which may help in solving the QuickBooks error codes 6190 and 816.

  • Firstly, go to the server which hosts the company file and restart it.
  • Then, restart all the computers which are connected to this network.
  • Open the QB server first and then run it on the workstations.

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Walkthrough closure!

Well done! The QuickBooks error 6190 816 has been successfully resolved. If, for some reason, you are experiencing another issue or the error has reappeared once again, call the QuickBooks Support Team number to speak with a technical expert. You can also visit our blog section, which will undoubtedly offer you comprehensive details.

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