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What is the QuickBooks Migration Tool? A Complete Guide

Are you tired of the traditional accounting procedures? Look no further! Incredible software that is constantly changing the game name of managing finance is “QuickBooks”, which has revolutionized the field of digital accounting management. With its remarkable features, it has redefined the way businesses handle their finances.

However, there may be instances where users face challenges when transferring their QuickBooks (QB) data to another computer. But fret not! Instead of panicking and trying countless methods, we have a simple solution for you: the QuickBooks online migration tool. This blog will introduce you to this amazing tool and show you how it can make your life easier. So, let’s dive in and explore the wonders of the QuickBooks online migration tool!

Here, we have compiled a comprehensive package of knowledge about the QB desktop migration tool. We cover everything from understanding its definition to learning the process of downloading. But that’s not all! We are here to provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to run this tool on your PC successfully. So, sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey towards achieving the desired outcomes. Just stay with us till the end and follow our expert advice for a seamless experience.

QuickBooks Migration Tool

What is the QuickBooks online migration tool?

When it comes to transferring our QuickBooks data to another computer, we often find ourselves in a tricky situation. The safety of our valuable data becomes a top priority. Thankfully, QuickBooks understands this concern and goes above and beyond to assist its users with its amazing features. To simplify the task at hand, QuickBooks introduces the QuickBooks online migration tool. This incredible tool allows users to effortlessly migrate their data, saving them ample time and manpower in the process. With the QuickBooks desktop migration tool by your side, transferring your data has never been easier or more efficient!

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use this tool for a hassle-free and secure data transfer. By relying on its efficient features, you can ensure the smooth relocation of your data without any risk of losing important information, ultimately safeguarding the continuity and success of your business operations.

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Essential Steps Required Before Installing the QuickBooks Desktop Migration Tool

Before directly jumping into the transfer process, our duty is to guide you to the best path where you find zero errors. Make sure you take the steps outlined below to keep the transfer process hassle-free.

  • Make sure that both your computers—the one that has data and the other system to which you want to transfer—have a good internet connection. Internet payments play a major part in the processing; cross-check the connectivity before proceeding with the transfer steps.
  • In your USB flash drive, there must be enough storage space so that there will be no such issue encountered in retrieving the data.
  • Use the USB flash drive to store the data.
  • It also provides information regarding the required quantity of space. It must range from 150 to 250 MB.

Where Can You Find a Migration Tool?

By following the below instructions, you can ensure that you are using the correct and legitimate website to download the tool. We prioritize your safety and aim to prevent any potential scams or fraudulent activities.

  • First, you have to sign in to QuickBooks Online by using the QuickBooks Supported Web Browser.
  • Now, in the URL area, type
  • Then, go to the export overview section.
  • Click on the start button and click on the Download Tool button in QuickBooks. (Here’s how the QuickBooks Migration Tool downloading process is started.).
  • When the installer is done, open it and start using it.
  • At last, wait and follow the steps until the installation process is successfully done.

Transfer Data from QuickBooks Online to a Desktop Migration Tool

So, now that you’ve completed the preceding critical steps, it’s time to put the QuickBooks online-to-desktop migration tool into action on your computer. Start the procedure by following the steps guided below:

  • When you are using the most compatible version of QuickBooks Desktop on your PC, this tool will automatically download.
  • If not, then login to QuickBooks using the admin ID and password.
  • Then, you have to allow access so that you can easily copy the data in your system.
  • Next, navigate to the migration tool and double-click on it.
  • Here, the tool will ask you to enter the password; please enter your correct password.
  • After that, click on the Start button to run the tool.
  • Now, the migration tool automatically starts the process and works.
  • When the migration tool starts working, the flash drive starts copying and transferring some files.

Important Point: After successfully finishing the data transfer processing, the migration tool will never format or erase your data; the data will stay as it was previously. In case, you want to delete it, you have to simply click the delete button and the data will be completely removed from the system.

Things to Do After the Migration of Data in QuickBooks Desktop:

following are the essential things to keep in mind after migration of data in QuickBooks desktop:

  • Start with signing in to your payroll and payment services.
  • Then, sign in to Intuit data protection.
  • Set the schedule for taking backups.
  • Furthermore, you can easily transfer any of the additional company files from the old system to the new system.
  • Make sure to take backups of your essential company files.

Things You Should Know About the QuickBooks Desktop Migration Tool

The following are key points about which you should be aware in order to make better use of the QuickBooks desktop migration tool. Such as what type of data you may move, which data you can transfer, and where you can find the migration tool.

Types of Data you can easily transfer

Following is the list of data that you can easily transfer while using the migration tool:

  • Three recent company files on which you have done work in your old system.
  • QuickBooks customer templates, forms, and letters.
  • Advance reports and cash flow projector.
  • Spelling checker and setting of the printer.
  • Loans manager
  • Finance statement designer.

Which Type of Data Cannot be Transferred?

Now that you know which type of data you are able to transfer, below is the list of files that you cannot transfer through the QuickBooks migration tool.

  • Intuit data protection.
  • Configuration of Multi-user mode.
QuickBooks on your New Computer
  • Another file that you can’t transfer is the synchronization of payments and payroll.
  • The backup files.
  • Those company files that are older than three.

How can I Manually Transfer the Data?

Transferring data is an extremely difficult operation. However, you have the option of manually transferring data. Wondering how! The following are the steps to move QuickBooks data from your old computer to your new computer:

  • Start the processing by creating a QuickBooks Backup on your old computer.
  • Then, uninstall QuickBooks from your old computer.
  • Go to your new computer, and after that, install QuickBooks on your New Computer.
  • Lastly, you have to restore the QuickBooks Backup on your new computer that you created on your old system.


Encountering internal file errors can be incredibly frustrating and disruptive to your workflow, especially when it comes to transferring important files. However, there is a solution to safeguard your data and prevent any potential damage. By reaching out to the QuickBooks Support team, you can rely on their round-the-clock assistance from knowledgeable experts who are dedicated to resolving these irritating glitches. Through convenient live chat sessions, our experts ensure that every single doubt or concern you may have is thoroughly addressed. Don’t let file errors hinder your progress any longer; connect with QuickBooks Support today for a seamless and worry-free experience!

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