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Expert Recommended Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 2000

QuickBooks is not just any accounting software but a powerful application that helps alleviate the stress of managing account reports, bookkeeping, and accounting databases. Its popularity is rapidly growing worldwide as it simplifies these tasks. To ensure efficient use of the software, it is important to stay informed about updates, bugs, and common issues like QuickBooks error 2000. This error signifies a potential vulnerability in safeguarding your company’s data.

QuickBooks is known for its excellent feature of keeping our important credentials confidential and safe. However, there are instances where QuickBooks files can become corrupted or the software may encounter errors when trying to access authorized files. This particular issue is referred to as QuickBooks error 2000. In this article, we will explore expert-recommended solutions for resolving this error code. But first, let’s explore some more information about this error.

What Does QuickBooks Error 2000 Mean?

Error Code 2000 is a series of errors that typically occur due to server and networking issues. If you’re experiencing problems signing in or uploading data to the service, it’s likely that this error has entered your software. The error message advises you to contact your financial institution for assistance. It’s crucial to note that QuickBooks does not have any internal issues causing this error. Instead, external factors—which might be transient in nature—trigger it. Rest assured, we are here to help you resolve this issue and get back on track with ease.

It is important to note that if this payroll error persists for more than 2 hours at a continuous stretch, it is crucial to reach out to your financial institution. Failing to fix QuickBooks error 2000 can have severe consequences for your life, potentially leading to significant damage. Therefore, it is essential to take immediate action and seek professional assistance if you fail to resolve this issue.

Different Signs and Symptoms of Quickbooks Error 2000

To troubleshoot the error, it is important to identify the unique error code that appears on your system. Each error has its own specific message and may display certain symptoms that indicate the occurrence of QuickBooks error 2000. Take note of the following signs you may encounter and read them attentively:

  • When you try to sign in and get rejected multiple times.
  • Facing the problem at the time of uploading the data to the server.
  • If you access the company file through QuickBooks, you will encounter the QuickBooks error message 2000 on your Windows.
  • The additional information from the payroll service can also be one of the common symptoms.
  • When your bank account is inactive while you try to transmit the data,

List of Reasons That Cause QuickBooks Error 2000

Listed below are the following reasons that trigger the QuickBooks error 2000 in your system: While encountering a root cause, the user is easily able to permanently eliminate the error by directly targeting the root cause. Read the below pointer carefully to expand your knowledge:

  • When you use incorrect login credentials to access your online Banking Account in QuickBooks.
  • You are using an outdated version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • In case the Online Banking servers are not responding to your request to access the data stored on the banking server.
  • When there is damage to QuickBooks.ini files.
  • The QB application is required to re-verify your online banking credentials.
  • For certain reasons, your online banking account has been deactivated, and QuickBooks cannot verify the authenticity of your online banking account.

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How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 2000?: Seven Simple Methods

Now, after understanding the root causes and symptoms, you are ready to troubleshoot the error in your system. Below are the seven expertly recommended methods. Read the steps thoroughly and follow them to get the best outcomes:

Method 1: Rename your QBWUSER.INI file

The very first step to eliminate the QuickBooks payroll error 2000 is to change the filename of the QuickBooks Initialization file (QBWUSER.INI). Below are the steps to be followed to successfully complete the renaming process:

file name of the QBWUSER.INI file
  • Firstly, you have to restart your computer and log in to your system as an administrator.
  • Then, access the C:\ Drive and search the QBWUSER.ini file.
  • Alternatively, you can also right-click on the Desktop icon of QB and tab on the Properties option.
  • Next, hit Open File Location and search the QBUSER.ini file.
  • Now, locate the file by right-clicking on it and choosing the Rename option.
  • Moving ahead, you have to change the name of the file from QBWUSER.ini to QBWUSER.old.ini.
  • After this, rename the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file, which is available in the same folder.
EntitlementDataStore.ecml file
  • Rename the Entitlement Data Store ECML File and make an attempt to launch the sample file in QuickBooks.
  • Now, from the drop-down menu, select the Sample File and open it.
Sample File and open it

Note: In case, you are able to open the company file, this means that the error 2000 Quickbooks Desktop is resolved completely. If not, then go ahead and follow the next solution.

Method 2: Change the Firewall Settings

Usually, the user encounters Quickbooks error message 2000 in their system because of the poor internet connection. Change the firewall settings by following the simple method mentioned below:

Change the Firewall Settings
  • Start the process by launching the Windows Firewall with the Advanced Settings.
  • Then set inbound and outbound rules for the specific programs.
  • Allow QuickBooks to access all the ports.
  • If the error still persists, then you should contact the Internet Service Provider.
  • Lastly, uninstall your security software and try to restart the QB application.

Method 3: Your Banking Login Credentials must be Correct

Banking Login Credentials must be Correct

The next step is to verify if your login credentials are the correct input or not. Follow the directions given below to examine the same:

  • First of all, you have to go to the Login page of the bank’s website.
  • Then, type in your correct Username and password and here you will get a pop-up saying that your login credentials are incorrect.
  • Now, in the Text File you have to make a note of your login credentials.
  • Re-insert the Login Credentials with extra care, and after that, also check the CAPSLOCK to avoid entering the case-sensitive password.
  • Thereon, hit the Forgot Password button and proceed ahead to reset the password.
  • After successfully resetting the password, you are required to try again to access the online banking in QB using the new password and check the status of the error 2000 Quickbooks desktop.

Method 4: Install the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

The next recommendation to resolve the error code 2000 is to run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to check if there are any network or company file-related issues. Listed below is a complete step-by-step procedure. First, read carefully and follow the following:

Install the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  • Navigate to the official website of Intuit, then download and install the QuickBooks Diagnostic tool.
  • wait until the installation process successfully completes after launching it.
  • The tool automatically diagnoses any issues with the company files or the network connection.
  • Alternatively, you can also download and use the install diagnostic tool using the QuickBooks tool hub program.

Method 5: Run the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

In case the QB install diagnostic tool fails to remove QuickBooks error message 2000 from your window, try to use the QB connection diagnostic tool by following the below-listed steps:

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool
  • First, start by running the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic tool.
  • Hit the Downloaded option and wait until the downloading process completes successfully.
  • Then, follow the on-screen steps to complete the installation process.
  • Now that your task is complete, the tool automatically detects the issue and fixes it.

Method 6: Check if your Online Banking is Activated or Not

Cross-check the online banking status, and it should be in an activated state to avoid the Quickbooks payroll error 2000 in your software. Follow the instructions to proceed:

  • Firstly, you have to login to your banking account from the browser.
  • Then, check the notifications; if you have any, submit additional information to complete the processing of online banking.
  • Now, enter all the required information and re-activate your online banking.
  • Lastly, open QB and try to access the company file data. If you are still facing the issue, then try our next troubleshooting method.

Method 7: Update QuickBooks to the Latest Release

Updating QuickBooks to the latest release is one such way to fix any type of error. If all the above methods fail to eliminate the error, then try to update the software by following the directions stated below:

  • Start by launching the QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • Next, go to the Help menu and then click on the Update QuickBooks option.
  • Here, proceed to the Update Now tab.
  • Now, click on the Get Updates tab to start the updating process.
  • Re-start QB and check the status of QuickBooks payroll error 2000.


This guide aims to assist you in identifying and resolving the main cause of the QuickBooks error 2000. Hopefully, our expertly recommended methods will help you effectively eliminate this error from your software. If you encounter any difficulties during the process, we recommend reaching out to our dedicated QuickBooks Support Team. Our experts are available round-the-clock to provide you with the best solutions and answer any questions you may have.

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