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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15271?

Every piece of software required updates to improve its functionality, and we all carried out this procedure right! However, due to some uncertainty, this simple updating task can become a major issue for users. One such glitch is QuickBooks Error 15271, which is a common problem that occurs when a user attempts to download or install payroll updates. QuickBooks, the application that simplifies your complicated accounting process in just one go, sometimes provides minor interruptions that may irritate users.

Hence, don’t be concerned; this issue has a solution! In this guide, we will go over each aspect of QuickBooks error code 15271, such as the various causes, symptoms that indicate the presence of the problem, other important factors, and, most importantly, troubleshooting methods that have been tried and tested by QB technical experts. To get hassle-free processing, simply read this guide thoroughly without skipping any sections. 

QuickBooks Error 15271

What is QuickBooks Error 15271?

QuickBooks Error 15271 is frequently encountered when a user attempts to update or install QuickBooks payroll. Let’s understand this briefly: when you begin the updating procedure, files begin downloading in the system to run and initiate installation. During this time, if Windows is unable to validate the downloading file or an imperfection occurs in the system, the error code 15271 will be generated. The section below provides you with a detailed pointer on some common causes that triggered this issue, so move forward and understand the root causes in brief.

What Factors Contribute to QuickBooks Update Error 15271?

When you understand the cause of QuickBooks update error 15271, it is simple to select a solution and eliminate the issue. Here are a few reasons you should think about:-

  • When the downloaded software file is corrupted.
  • Your QuickBooks Pro application is not completely installed on your system.
  • The Windows files might be corrupted, or maybe they’re damaged.
  • When the QuickBooks Pro software is slightly modified, corruption in the Windows registry occurs, which causes the problem.
  • If you mistakenly delete the QuickBooks pro-related files.
  • Incorrect SSL of the Internet Explorer
  • The virus attacks your software that corrupts your Windows file, causing the updating process to fail.
  • when you use outdated payroll tax tables.
  • misconfigured Windows User Accounting Settings.
  • QuickBooks Windows security interrupts the updating process.

What are the Common Indicators of QuickBooks Error 15271?

Sometimes, the error message does not appear on your screen but leaves a mark to indicate its presence. To properly analyze this, we compiled a list of common symptoms that you may be experiencing when the error 15271 QuickBooks update enters your software.

  • Your system is repeatedly shutting down.
  • The window begins to respond slowly or crashes.
  • Another cause of the 15271 error is slow command response and frequent freezing.
  • The Windows OS and other active programs might start acting up, or the updating process stops in between.

We understand that these interruptions are annoying because they slow down your workflow. As a result, it is critical for users to attempt to resolve the error before it causes damage to important files. Follow the steps to get started with troubleshooting solutions. 

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Things to be Considered Before Implementing the Solutions!

Before implementing the solutions to eliminate the error, it is recommended to follow the steps outlined below to create all backups of your important files to prevent any loss.

  • Firstly, Launch the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Now, go to the File Menu and hit the Backup Company option.
  • Click on the Create Local Backup.
  • Lastly, carry out the on-screen prompts and create a backup of the company file.

How Do I Fix Error 15271 in QuickBooks?

There are a number of solutions that can help fix the QuickBooks update error 15271. Below, we will discuss each of them one by one. So, buckle up and follow the guidance:-

Solution 1:- Remove all the Junk Files 

The damaged or junk files in your application are the major reason which invites QuickBooks error code 15271 during the payroll updating process. The error will automatically disappear when you permanently remove these files from your system. Follow the steps to start the procedure:

  • The first step is to Conduct a Full Malware Scan on your system.
  • Then hit the Clean the Junk Files.
Clean the Junk Files screenshot
  • Update the PC device drivers of your system.
  • Now, use the Windows System to Restore them and fix it as a recent system change.
  • Uninstall or reinstall the QuickBooks Pro app with the critical error code 15271.
  • The next step is to run the Windows System File Checker and try to install the latest Windows update by hitting Windows Updates.
  • Lastly, carry out the clean installation of Windows OS.

Solution 2:- Switch Off Your UAC Settings

If the error 15271 QuickBooks update emerge due to the misconfigured Windows User Account Settings in your system. Then, following the steps of this solution and turning off your UAC settings will definitely eliminate the error.

Switch Off Your UAC screenshot
  • Hit the Start tab and then type UAC in the search box.
  • After typing, click on the Enter tab.
  • Now, choose the Change User Accounting Settings option.
  • Then, move your cursor to the Never Notify option.
  • At last, restart your system and try to install the updates.

Solution 3:- Run the QuickBooks Tool Hub 

The QuickBooks Tool Hub is an amazing tool with incredible features that automatically identify any type of error and fix your problem by itself. To install it properly, follow the steps listed below:

  • Visit Intuit’s official website and download the QuickBooks Tool Hub File.
  • Click on the link and download it successfully.
  • Now, save the downloaded file where you can easily find it.
  • Navigate to the Folder to start the installation process.
  • In the folder, double-click on the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file.
  • Click Yes to accept all the Terms and Conditions
  • After following the above steps, you successfully completed the installation process.
  • Navigate to the Installation Section and click on it.
  • In the Networks issues section, other tools are used to fix the error which is related to the network.
  • Then, the Quick Fix My File automatically fixes the issue in your company file.
  • After completing the repair process, restart your device and try to update the payroll again.

Solution 4:- Update the Latest Version of QuickBooks Desktop 

Another way to eliminate this error is to update the QuickBooks desktop to its latest release. 

  • Firstly, close your QuickBooks Desktop and install QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub.
  • Now, navigate to the Program Problem tab.
  • Hit the QuickBooks Fix My Program and reopen your QuickBooks.
  • Click on your Company file and hit the Help option.
  • Next, click on Update Now to update your QB application.
  • After completing the updating process, reopen the application and hit the Get Updates.
  • Thereon, click on the Help and select the Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on the Overview and hit the Update Now option.
update quickbooks screenshot
  • Again, restart your computer and check the status of error 15271 QuickBooks update. 

Solution 5:- Change the System Registry

Changing the settings of the Windows registry might be the solution to error 15271. Follow the steps listed below to modify the damaged Windows registry:

Change the System Registry screenshot
  • The First step is to click on the Start menu.
  • Then, in the search box, type cmd and hit the Enter button.
  • Press the Ctrl and Shift keys together and then click on the Enter tab.
  • Now, it will ask you for permission to click on the Yes tab to continue the process.
  • Here, you will get the blank box. Type Regedit and hit the Enter tab.
  • Find the error 15271 related file to take its backup from the registry editor.
  • Thereon, in the main File menu, click on the Export option.
  • Select the folder where you want to save the data backup from the save-in list.
  • At last, save the file in the selected location.

Solution 6:- Use the System File Checker 

The system file checker is a tool that automatically scans your system’s errors. So, if none of the aforementioned solutions work, don’t despair! Follow the steps to run the file checker and clean up your system:

  • Open the Run Window by pressing the Windows + R key together.
  • In the search box type SFC/Scannow and hit the Enter tab.
SFC/Scannow and hit the Enter screenshot
  •  when the process is completed successfully the system file checker is opened in your system. Let it get to 100%.
  • Lastly, restart your computer and check whether the QuickBooks update error 15271 is still persistent or not.

Solution 7:- Install the Payroll Updates in the Safe Mode 

Installing the payroll updates in the safe mode might help eliminate the QuickBooks error code 15271. Adhere to the directions below:

  • Navigate to the Start button and click the Restart from the Shutdown menu.
  • Hit the F8 key as Windows reboots to display the Advanced Boot option.
  • Now, click on the Safe mode and hit the Enter key.
  • Lastly, restart the windows in the Safe Mode and try to install the payroll updates.

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This brings us to the end of this post; hopefully, by following the solutions provided above, you will be able to eliminate QuickBooks Error 15271 completely. Furthermore, if you require professional assistance, please get in touch with our QuickBooks Payroll Support team right away. 

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