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How to Fix Error Code 15222 in QuickBooks?

Running a business smoothly requires efficient payroll management, which is why many businesses rely on QuickBooks. This software is renowned for its automatic and seamless payroll process. However, imagine the frustration when your payroll suddenly stops working. This uncommon situation often occurs during updates or while downloading the latest payroll tax table. There is a specific error code associated with this issue: “QuickBooks error 15222.”

If you’ve encountered error 15222 while updating your payroll in QuickBooks, fear not! This comprehensive guide is here to help. We’ll cover everything you need to know about this issue, from its definition to understanding its causes. Once you have a clear understanding of the error, we’ll provide you with step-by-step troubleshooting instructions to effectively resolve it and eliminate it from your system. Alright, then, let’s go right in and fix this mistake!

quickbooks error 15222

What is QuickBooks error 15222? A Short Summary

In order to improve the functionality of the software, regular updates are introduced for QuickBooks. However, during these updates, it is not uncommon to come across errors in the 15XXX series. One such error is QuickBooks error 15222, which occurs when the software is unable to establish a connection with the internet to download updated payroll files. There can be several reasons for this issue, which will be explained in detail in the following section.

What are the Causes of QuickBooks Error 15222?

QuickBooks error 15222 often occurs when the internet browser lacks a digital signature certificate. However, there are also other reasons for this error that should be taken into consideration. By carefully reading and understanding these additional causes, you will be better equipped to effectively troubleshoot the error.

  • When you are using some other browser, like Firefox or Safari, instead of using Internet Explorer as your default internet browser.
  • In case you are using an outdated version of the QuickBooks Desktop application, such as 1015 or its previous version,
  • If your window has the wrong Date and Time can also be the reason for the QuickBooks error 15222 digital signature on your screen.
  • Damaged or corrupted anti-malware and anti-spyware block QuickBooks from accessing any feature.
  • In case you are not logged in as an Administrator on Windows,.
  • As mentioned below, the Digital Signature Registry on your system might not be working accurately.
  • The disabled file copy services and incorrectly configured Internet Explorer settings triggered this issue on your system.
  • The payroll updating process gets disturbed due to unstable internet connectivity.
  • In this case, the incorrect mapping of the Shared Download Drive may bring forth the error.
  • The important component for payroll updates is getting damaged or lost, which can also become the major reason for this error.

Essential Pointers to Keep in Mind Before a Payroll Update

To keep the QuickBooks error 15222 payroll update at bay, it is crucial to follow a few important steps for updating QuickBooks payroll. Before diving into troubleshooting, you can try updating the payroll using these steps, as they may help resolve the error.

By taking these measures, you can ensure a smooth and error-free update process for your QuickBooks payroll system.

  • First, logging in with a user account with Windows administrative rights is first and foremost.
  • Check your computer’s Date and Time they should be correct.
  • You must have an active payroll subscription before running the payroll update.

Simple Steps to Resolve Error 15222 When Updating QuickBooks

If you have tried the steps mentioned above and are still unable to resolve the error 15222 when updating QuickBooks, it is important to take action and follow the troubleshooting steps provided below. Carefully read and follow these steps without skipping any to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted processing experience.

Solution 1: Install the Digital Signature in Internet Explorer

The Digital Signatures Certificate is essential for authentication purposes. If the digital signature of the desktop is missing or damaged, the update server will not allow you to download updates. This can be a major reason for encountering QuickBooks error 15222 related to digital signatures in your system.

  • First, launch the Windows File Manager and type Programs Files \ Intuit \ QuickBooks in the address bar.
  • Now, hit the Enter tab.
  • Locate QBW32.exe in the QuickBooks folder and right-click the QBW32.exe file.
  • Furthermore, select the Properties option and go to the Signature tab.
  • Look at the list of signatures.
Signature tab
  • Then, select Details on the Intuit Inc. digital signature.
  • Hit the View Certificate option and click Install Certificate under the Certificate window.
 Install Certificate
  • Continue clicking the Next button until you get the Finish option.
  • Lastly, select the Finish tab and restart your system.

Solution 2: Run the QuickBooks File Doctor from Tool Hub.

The QuickBooks File Doctor from Tool Hub is the best tool to resolve internet and company file-related errors. So, let’s try to implement the same to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error 15222 payroll update.

  • Start the procedure by downloading the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Now, navigate to the Downloads folder and run the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file.
  • Start the installation process before agreeing to the license terms and conditions.
  • Then, hit the Next tab and start running the QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub.
  • Go to the Company Files Issue tab and choose Run QuickBooks File Doctor.
Run QuickBooks File Doctor
  • Next, click on the Repair the file option for your existing version of QuickBooks.
  • Select the Next tab and wait until the file repair process is completed.
  • Lastly, try to update the payroll to check if QuickBooks update error 15222 still appears or not.

Solution 3: Place the Default Internet Browser

Follow the steps below to set the default internet browser using the Internet Explorer internet settings:

  • Firstly, set Internet Explorer as the default browser.
  • Then, launch Internet Explorer from the Tools selection by selecting the Internet option.
the Internet option
  • Navigate to the Program tab and hit the Make Default option.
Program tab and hit the Make Default option
  • Lastly, click on the OK button and restart your QuickBooks payroll updating process again.

Solution 4: Operate the Quick Fix My Program

If none of the methods mentioned above are successful in resolving the error 15222 when updating QuickBooks, there is no need to worry. The Quick Fix My Program tool, a fantastic tool available in QuickBooks Tool Hub, can be utilized. This tool effectively addresses issues such as crashes, freezing, and lags on your computer.

  • Start with opening the QB Tool Hub.
  • Next, go to the Program Problem section.
  • Then, choose the Quick Fix My Program Tool and Repair the QB app from the Program Problem section.

Solution 5: Run Payroll Update as an Administrator

In case you are not running the QB update as an administrator, you will encounter QuickBooks error 15222 payroll update. It is important to download the updates as an administrator by following the below steps:

  • First, exit from your Company File and the QB Desktop application.
  • Then, click right on the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
  • Choose the Run as Administrator option.
  • Now, hit Yes on the message “Do you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer?
  • Last, download the Latest Payroll Tax Tables and QB Desktop product updates.

Solution 6: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

There is one more tool that helps you resolve the QuickBooks error 15222, and that is to run the install diagnostic tool in the tool hub. The following is the step-by-step guidance to undertake this method:

  • First of all, download the QB Tool Hub.
  • Then, open the Tool Hub and access the Installation Issues Section.
  • Hit the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool to start scanning the system. (Be patient because this process might take around 20 minutes to finish the scan.).
  • Once the process is complete, shut down everything that is running and restart your computer.
  • Now, restart their computers, open QuickBooks, and open the Data File.
  • For more improvements and security patches, make sure to update the QuickBooks desktop application.

Solution 7: Repair the QuickBooks Desktop Files

In case after applying all the above methods, you are still facing the issue, try to repair the program by following the below pointer, which might help you eliminate the issue:

  • First, locate the Control Panel on your device and open it.
  • Navigate to the Programs and Features selection.
  • Then, under this, select the Uninstall/Modify a Program option.
  • Hit the link and go to the list of currently installed programs on the device.
  • Next, search QuickBooks by filtering the results and begin its Modification/ Repair process. (Ensure not to remove QuickBooks but to modify it.)
  • Follow the instructions on your screen for modification.
  • Lastly, restart your device and return to the QB Desktop to check the status of the QuickBooks error 15222 digital signature.

Ending Note!

We hope that the troubleshooting tips provided for QuickBooks error 15222 will effectively resolve the issue in your system. It is important to ensure that you have a strong internet connection while implementing the solution. If you continue to experience the update error 15222 despite having a good internet connection, do not hesitate to contact our QuickBooks Support Team. Our team will provide customized solutions and address any doubts or problems you may have regarding the functioning of the QuickBooks application.

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